E-VO 3.8.1 is released

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V3.8.1 released..

Small bugfix update to address some issues with the modules that were included in 3.8.0.
Please update your modules with the latest versions.

FindModule: add module version 14 support
Showmodule: add module version 14 support
fix legacy compile mode so it doesnt include changes in module version 14
Fix reaction texteditor tag values in gadgets/texteditor.m

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Thanks a lot Darren.

Once installed I have a little problem compiling some of my code. I miss the AreaObject macro in the BGUI modules. Maybe my bgui modules are too old.

I think previously I was using these ones


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you'll have to be more specific with details of error messages etc.

E-VO should be fully backwards compatible with modules from all earlier versions of E modules.

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Hi Darren, sorry for the delay

once installed the EVO 3.7.0 release, if I try to compile the code compilable with my previous versión, I receive the following error with the attached code in link

E-VO E Compiler/Assembler/Linker/PP v3.7.0 (09.03.2024)
developing as "EC" 1991-97 by Wouter van Oortmerssen
developing as "GEC" 1999/2003 by grio
developing as "E-VO" 2021-24 by Darren Coles
-> sudokugui.e
lexical analysing ...
ERROR: unknown keyword/const
LINE 49: self.gadgets[ GID_AREA - 1 ] := AreaObject,

If I replace the modules related to BGUI with the contained in https://aminet.net/package/dev/e/BGUI_Ev41_8 it compiles

These are the sources

My apologies if it is a problem due to my inexperience.


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Why did you name a window pointer "window"? It may have the type name confused with the field name. That is something that sticks out at first glance.

On second glance it looks like you are putting 7 gadgets in an array of 5 gadget pointers.

On third glance the macro appears to expand to a function name starting with a digit instead of a capital letter followed by a lowercase letter.

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Thanks for your suggestions, I think the problem is the macro, changed from the previous version I used to the currently being distributed with EVO

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What compiler were you using previously when it worked? An older version of E-VO or something else?

Did you use the E-VO installer? It may be that you had installed some newer/different modules that were overwritten by the installer

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I think I had a beta you sent me when I reported you the problem with EDBG setting breakpoints. I used the installer, updating the previous version, and I did not install anything more . Once I upgraded with the files of the installer stopped compiling

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V3 8.0 changes:

Added variable names + types and procedure line numbers to EVAR debug info

Made multi-dimensional arrays memory layout more logical (first
dimension is most significant)

Fix global variable structure generated for library definitions

Added object definitions to debug info
Update EDBG to parse new EVAR structures

Add SRCLINE define (current line number)

Add SRCPROC define (current proc name)

Added EVO_3_8_0 define

Added support for ARRAY OF PTR TO ... in objects

Fixed issue where two variables declared with the same initial value
did not get set correctly.