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BITD I used gcc which used ixemul.library, bebbo's compiler has 3 different posix-ish/libc's, clib2, ixemul and newlib.

I've started looking at Mesa and it requires heavy posix function calls to port, mmap being one and pthreads being another. I cannot find fork, spawn or exec within the main areas of Mesa.

ixemul and clib2 don't have clock_gettime() but libnix does.

I'm aware missing functions will need to be added, but to which project?

Online Status

clib2 still sees development work, with new features added and old bugs, if not squashed, then at least getting most severely reprimanded.

clib2 is BSD-licensed and works for both AmigaOS 68k and AmigaOS4 PowerPC alike. Its original intent was to make it possible to port Samba 2.0.4 to the Amiga, which guided how much POSIX API functions were implemented so that Samba was happy to run. It was never supposed to do much more than that. That said, it has grown beyond its original goals and just maybe that could be enough to keep "collecting" new POSIX functionality as needed for your Mesa port.